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Tale of Storytelling

The Times of India (Gurgaon, Haryana, India) , June 25, 2007


Be it the Western concept of reading out stories or the interactive way in which parents and grandparents here narrate them, storytelling plays an essential part in the development of a child’s personality.

The art of storytelling has been looked upon as a tool to influence the way a child thinks. Research says that children absorb as much as they can in the first five years of their life. And counsellors suggest that when parents read out stories to their kids at bedtime, it stays with them for life, enriching their personality and improving their vocabulary.

Laying emphasis on the importance of introducing storytelling sessions in schools, Chandni Shah, principal of Asia English school, says, “In the present scenario , storytelling is a vital medium for the kids to express their ideas. They try to make up stories, which helps their literacy skills.”

Besides academic success and entertainment, storytelling has been used throughout history in different ways for character development and virtue. Psychotherapist Vinod Goyal adds, “Storytelling sessions give various dimensions to a problem and make children, especially teenagers, open up to a number of possibilities.”

Meanwhile, renowned author Esther David feels that this generation is missing out on an invaluable form of expression, when she says, “We are losing out on the important medium of storytelling because of lack of time and the presence of many other attractions. Storytelling is very important for a person’s development and it creates and strengthens the bond between the narrator and the listener.”

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