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Values Drawn From Childhood Stories

ScienceAlert (Australia) , May 18, 2007


Stories from early childhood that people liked and remember establish values that remain important for the rest of their lives, a University of South Australia study shows.

All of the participants in the study, which included people ranging from teenagers aged 15 years to 80 year olds, talked about the importance of the stories they heard, saw or read before the age of about 10 years, according to School of Communication lecturer, Dr Julia de Roeper.

“When asked what they learnt from those early stories, people’s responses were, ‘I learnt about good and bad’, or ‘right and wrong’, or ‘I learnt about how to make the right decisions’,” Dr de Roeper said.

“The stories we encounter in childhood are important in establishing our feelings about how our lives should be lived. They influence the way we see the world and how we see ourselves in the world,” she said.

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