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Listen Up! The Sounds of the Mountains Music and Story Festival

Roanoke Times (Roanoke, VA) , April 15, 2007


“ ‘ Sounds of the Mountains’ tends to convey more images of music than storytelling,” admits Alan Hoal, one of the festival’s founders, “but we wanted a name that captured the image of stories and music and the Appalachian Mountains. Stories are sounds of the mountains, just like music is the sounds of the mountains.”

Storytelling is as much a part of mountain culture as balsams and banjos. Davis, a renowned storyteller who grew up in the western North Carolina town of Waynesville, said that while many cultures boast storytelling legacies, mountain folk are especially gifted with tale-telling.

“Stories are about identity,” storyteller Donald Davis said. “Their primary concern is not about fortune and fame but about who you are. Identity is strong in the mountains. The Scots and the Welsh are identity-maintainers, not fortune seekers. We’re happy with what we have as long as you don’t bother us.”oving keepers of the Earth, so it's fitting to share their stories for Earth Day.”

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