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Portraits of Life Commemorate Holocaust

Goucher College - Quindecim Online (Towson, MD) , December 6, 2006


The Oral Histories of Holocaust Survivors class, taught by Larkey, Salzberg, and Zunikoff, offers a unique perspective on the Holocaust.

Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor, activist and noble novelist, once said, "for us forgetting was never an option. Remembering is a noble and necessary act."

There is no doubt that the students in Goucher College's "Oral History of Holocaust Survivors" course will always remember and never forget. On December 1, these students, at a Hillel dinner co-sponsored by other Goucher constituencies, presented stories inspired by interviews with Holocaust survivors in the Baltimore area.

"This is not simply a class," explained Zunikoff, "It's an experience. It is the student's responsibility, privilege and obligation to pass on these stories."

The performances accentuated the beauty of telling stories, and the significance of storytelling. "Storytelling is like throwing a seed," said Zunikoff. "Whether it lands on rocky soil, [or] fertile soil, it's up to the listener. As many seeds as you can throw, and as many people you can reach out to, that's what makes it truly special…it's exponential."

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