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Turning the "Oh sh*t!" Moment into When-Then Thinking (San Francisco, CA) , January 8, 2010


When cops tell stories about everything going wrong, everyone learns from the experience.

Many police training articles are written about what you should do in a given set of circumstances. Others are written at the conclusions of an active episode about what others have done. Like children gathered at a campfire, police officers share stories of their adventures, laced with afterthoughts and lessons to help others more completely understand the unpredictability of police work.

In this space on PoliceOne I will share a series of articles detailing the traumatic experiences of America’s law enforcers. The exclusive stories recounted here are about real cops in real situations, forced to react to a multitude of variables as they unfolded, and often as everything went completely wrong. We believe that more importantly than what these officers wanted to do, should have done or would do if given another chance, is the experience of what they actually did under the affects of intense stress.

Written in storybook form, these articles attempt to move away from the textbook analysis and to drill down into the human psyche, allowing you, the reader to get inside the officer’s head to understand what was happening, at the moment it was actually happening, We want to capture the moment, unadulterated, and to provide you clues and inspiration for navigating through our own future ordeals.

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