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Storytellers Theatre Starts 10th Season This Thursday

Northern Star Online (DeKalb, IL) , April 18, 2007


Thursday through Sunday, the Stevens Building Corner Theater will host a myriad of folk, fairy, ghost and personal tales as told by Northern Illinois University theater majors and minors. Directed by Patricia Ridge, professor in the School of Theatre and Dance, the 10th annual Storytellers Theatre promises personal stories ranging from comedic to more serious past experiences.

"It's a showcase for theater studies majors," Ridge said. "They work all semester preparing a whole variety of stories to tell."

Ridge is a professional storyteller herself and believes that it is an important art for actors to learn, which is why she teaches the storytelling class on campus.

"[Dr. Ridge] considers it valuable for actors to be able to storytell," said Joel Huff, Ridge's graduate assistant and third-year graduate student in theater performance. "She teaches the difference between storytelling and acting."

Rather than simply retell popular folklore, students are required to reach into their own personal histories for inspiration.

"It's a way for people to connect heart to heart with the audience," said Ridge. "Especially in these dangerous and difficult times. Storytelling can be a safe haven for these times as it tell us about our past, present and looks to our future."

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