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Festival to Present History From the Heart (Oklahoma City, OK) , May 13, 2007


A dedicated bunch of Oklahomans will soon help celebrate the state's 100th birthday by doing what they do best: telling its history.

At least 30 of them plan to do that during the first Spirit of Oklahoma Storytelling Festival on June 1 and 2 at the Seminole State College in Seminole. It's sponsored by the Oklahoma Territory Tellers.

Bonnie Smith of Paden, president of the Tellers, said the stories will range from dead serious to scary to funny, but all will somehow portray the history and culture of Oklahoma.

Smith, who for 25 years was a Prague schoolteacher, in so many words cited her philosophy as the theme of the festival.

"With me, she said, "the whole thing is, I'm very proud to say I'm an Okie!'

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