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Hope for Storytelling in Blackheath

News Shopper (Petts Wood, England, UK) , March 12, 2008


It may be an age-old tradition but storytelling is enjoying an exciting resurgence in the UK. The local face of this revival is Storytelling in Hope, an Eltham-based group telling tales in south east London. Storytelling in Hope holds an event at Age Reminiscence Centre's Old Bakehouse Theatre, Blackheath, around once a month.

Just this week, Fiona Collins was at the House of Commons celebrating the launch of the Society of Storytelling's new web site and working to convince MPs storytelling is as important as drama and music.

Storytelling is gaining wider appeal but says there's room for more awareness. Elsewhere in the world storytelling is part of everyday culture.

Chair Pennie Hedge hopes one day people in the UK will relate to stories the way they do TV shows or films.

"The difficulty is getting people to understand storytelling. In English culture people tend to think it is just for small children. But our stories are best for audiences over 12. They're not designed to be like Little Red Riding Hood."

She added: "Good stories have entertainment value and a kernel of truth in them. The fact the stories have lasted all these yearss means they contain something which resonates with people."

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