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Early Reviews of Science Festival

The New York Times (New York, NY) , May 30, 2008


Yes, it’s a hit at the box office, but are the critics happy with the World Science Festival? Well, I liked what I’ve seen so far, and the the early reviews from my Times colleagues have been good, too.

My Times colleague William S. Niederkorn reports on another session Thursday evening: Stories, which first explained the world and nature as myths and later provided the accounts of how important discoveries were made, have always had an important place in science.

On Thursday night the World Science Festival added to the universe of stories with “Toil and Trouble: Stories of Experiments Gone Wrong.” It may have seemed like an ominous title, but it all came off rather successfully for an appreciative sold-out house at Symphony Space that turned out to see the two cultures on one stage — scientists along with artists like Sam Shepard. Coached by the storytelling nonprofit group Moth, two scientists and three authors told personal and true stories from their life experiences, some holding to the theme and others treating it with a degree of relativity.

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