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Storytelling With High Tech

The National Law Journal (New York, NY) , June 12, 2007


Because communication in the courtroom is becoming more sophisticated, it makes sense that the legal consulting industry is seeing parallels with advertising and marketing and storytelling.

The challenge of telling a compelling story is what keeps litigation consultants glued to whiteboards and storyboards. They realize that high-concept work is what drives litigation consulting and courtroom presentation. They also understand that a changing tide in this field is forcing them to expand their own skills.

The litigation consultant of old may have succeeded by being very left-brained, able to maintain schedules, coordinate logistics and create an exhibit or presentation that was technically sound and functional. Today's consultants must apply their high-concept right brain to a project and ask new questions. How does this one presentation graphic fit in with the whole communications strategy? Will their work help the jury understand the story they are trying to tell, the point they are trying to make? Will they get it?

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