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Making Muskego Memories Live On

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI) , July 15, 2006


A Muskego librarian with a passion for local history has come up with a way to capture some of the city's past for posterity. She just needs a little help.

Jane Genzel, assistant library director, is taking her cue from StoryCorps, a national project that helps individuals across the country record their everyday stories orally. The recordings are archived at the Library of Congress' American Folklife Center.

Genzel wants to do the same thing for the Muskego community, but on a smaller scale. She's especially looking for people with memories of an earlier Muskego who are willing to talk about it

"People come to the library and they want to know the history of Muskego, and so much of that is lost." Genzel said. "Once those stories, those memories, that bit of history is gone, how do we get it back?"

If it works as planned, participants who step forward will be primary sources of history, having lived through it themselves. But it also might involve people who recall their parents' or grandparents' lifestyle.

"I just hope that it catches on," Genzel said. "It's exciting. It's scary," she said. "But if we don't try, we'll never know."

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