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A Place for Storytelling, No Lie

The Laurinburg Exchange (Laurinburg, NC) , January 22, 2013


Laurinburg is earning a name for itself as a haven for fib-tellers.

That is to say, after hosting the sixth annual Bold-Faced Liars’ Showdown, the Storytelling and Arts Center of the Southeast has put Laurinburg on the map as a place for storytelling.

“Between this and the storytelling festival, people really know Laurinburg as a place for storytelling,” said SACS Director Jan Schmidt.

With this year’s edition of the Liars’ Showdown, which took place on Saturday at SACS’ downtown location, there were more talented storytelling performers than ever before, said Schmidt.

And with approximately 70 percent of the hundreds of attendees coming from out of town, downtown Laurinburg has at least shifted the storytelling epicenter a little bit closer to Main St.

“What happens is the performers come and see what a great place Laurinburg is to perform, and they share that with other storytellers and they know that they will be lucky to get to come,” Schmidt said.

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