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Fairy Tales and Music on the 9.28 to Glasgow

Evening Times Online (Glasgow, Scotland, UK) , February 2, 2007


THE 9.28 from Busby Station normally just delivers shoppers to town, but tomorrow a performer will bring fairy tales and music to passengers.

Storyteller Gerry Durkin is one of more than 30 who will perform in schools, libraries and community centres throughout East Renfrewshire during the three weeks of the third East Renfrewshire Storytelling Festival.

Last year just under 8000 people attended events during the three week East Renfrewshire Storytelling Festival. This year, the festival will run from 6 February to 4 March with events in schools, nurseries, libraries and other less predictable venues!

The festival will also feature storytellers from all over Scotland and as far afield as the United States, who will perform in schools and libraries throughout East Renfrewshire.

The Tails on Rails event launched the festival, with Blantyre based storyteller Gerry Durkin boarding the East Kilbride to Glasgow commuter train at Busby to entertain shoppers and commuters.

The aim of the festival is to raise the profile of storytelling as an art and to change the perception that many people have that storytelling is only for young children. It also hopes to raise the local community’s awareness of the varied and wonderful stories available to them through their local libraries.

Another new development this year is the introduction of 'How Did I get Here?', a series of events taking place in all secondary school libraries. Seven people with successful careers in the arts or media will tell school pupils the story of their career paths and perhaps encourage others to follow them.

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