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Regis University Hosting Stories from Wartime Speaker Series (Denver, CO) , January 10, 2007


One similar trait that seems to run among those given the title "Greatest Generation" is the talent of storytelling. The men and women who served this country during World War II have an outlet to share their experiences at Regis University's Stories from Wartime speaker series.

An annual series of presentations and panel discussions, veterans share their personal stories of life during war every Tuesday evening from January through April. With subjects ranging from Pearl Harbor to the Holocaust, the presentations are part of a history course on World War II taught by Dr. Dan Clayton, history professor at Regis and director of the Center for the Study of War Experience.

A cornerstone of the University, the Center for the Study of War Experience serves as an educational archive to collect and preserve the memories of war veterans with manuscripts, memoirs and more than 300 hours of video-recorded testimonies by veterans that bear witness to the experiences of war.

Subjects Covered: education, personal storytelling

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