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Digital Storytelling Workshop Records Passions for Justice

The Denver Post (Denver, CO) , October 5, 2013


There were no placards or megaphones at this civil and human-rights workshop, just people telling the stories that galvanized their passion for justice.

"In working together and knowing each other's stories, that's how we can effect change," said Gabriela Flora, Project Voice regional organizer at the Denver offices of the American Friends Service Committee.

Saturday's All Together Now workshop is part of a national series sponsored by the Center for Digital Storytelling. During the workshops, participants share their personal tales of why they took action for civil and human rights by creating a short audio, text and image story.

By the end of the four-hour workshop, the dozen or so participants had recorded their stories, which are available on the All Together Now portal.

Subjects Covered: digital storytelling, diversity, education

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