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The Christian Science Monitor (Boston, MA) , May 18, 2007


The Moth storytelling tour helps erase the line between writers and their readers

The conventions of readers and writers are such that their physical paths rarely cross. Yes, there are fleeting interactions on author tours. But even then writers often maintain the distance and security that come with reading a dog-eared selection from a recently published work a script of sorts.

So the title of tonight's event at the Calderwood Pavilion "Out on a Limb: Stories From the Edge" seems especially promising. It has the potential to upset a standard, go off script, and transgress the boundary between writers and their readers. In doing so, "Out on a Limb" will force two local authors out of their comfort zones.

The event is part of a national tour by The Moth, a well-known storytellers collective. "Storytelling is a different medium than writing," said Lea Thau, Moth executive director.

Ms. Slater performed last, a beautiful, elliptical tale about death and life, dreaming and waking.

"I've been [writing] for years," she said a few days after the show. "Sometimes I don't even remember how alone I am. Having an audience right in front of you is startling and invigorating, hugely invigorating. I remembered that we tell stories to connect with other people. And in this instance, the connection was simultaneous."

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