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Quantitative Studies

Figures, Facts and Fables: Telling Tales in Science and Math by Barbara Lipke

Heinemann, 1996

Keywords: elementary school, middle school, teacher education


Storytelling is one of the oldest and most powerful teaching and learning methods known. It is the way human beings have communicated information since before written language. In many cultures the storyteller was a wise man or shaman who was responsible for making sure every young person learned the community's knowledge. The storyteller was the teacher.

This book stresses that classroom teachers can be storytellers and offers suggestions on how to be a good storyteller. Practical suggestions are offered on how teachers can use storytelling for science and mathematics. Rationale on how storytelling benefits learning and how students can best benefit from storytelling exercises is presented.

Included are traditional and original stories to get teachers started, as well as a list of resources and books of stories to adapt for classroom needs. Contains references.

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