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Innovative Projects

Helping Preservice Teachers Discover the Value of Storytelling Strategies in Language Arts Instruction by Ty Williams and Susan D. Myers

Originally published in Journal of School Psychology,v39 n1 p71-94 Jan-Feb 2001

Keywords: Elementary, preservice teachers,language arts


Storytelling has long been recognized as a valuable tool in elementary instruction. Storytelling strategies improve concept integration, and also provide children with experiences of working collaboratively. Through a combined effort between faculty and a doctoral student, a workshop was implemented to introduce the topic of storytelling to preservice teachers enrolled in a language arts methods course.

The purpose of the workshop was to provide students an opportunity to explore and practice storytelling strategies that could be implemented in a language arts curriculum. The preservice teachers' responses indicated this innovative method could help bridge the gap between theory and real world applications for children. Contains 10 references. A 12-item list of storytelling web sites is attached.

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