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Storytelling with Young Children by Jane Smyth

Research in Practice Series, Early Childhood Australia, Volume 12, Number 1

Keywords: elementary education


The "Research in Practice Series" is published four times each year by Early Childhood Australia. The series aims to provide practical, easy to read, up-to-date information and support to a growing national readership of early childhood workers. The books bring together the best information available on wide-ranging topics and are an ideal resource for children's services workers and others interested in the care and education of young children.

The tradition of storytelling is as old as human experience. Once the prime means of passing on knowledge and creating meaning, storytelling is still one of the great mediums of communication for people everywhere. In this book, the author updates her earlier work on this topic and clearly explains the skills and methods needed to engage young children. Through storytelling, the child's imagination is stimulated, their knowledge enhanced and language skills extended. A terrific resource for all educators and carers who wish to develop their storytelling capacities.

This book is organized into the following sections:
(1) Storytelling;
(2) Sharing stories/Storytelling and story reading;
(3) Telling Children Our Stories;
(4) The Story of the Strange Noises;
(5) Telling Children Their Stories: The Day the Car Broke Down;
(6) Telling Children Stories that Belong to All of Us;
(7) The Story of the Pedlar and His Caps;
(8) Indigenous Stories/How the Birds Got Their Colours: What Makes a Story Good to Tell?;
(9) How Shall We Tell Stories?;
(10) Learning a Story: Storytelling Practice;
(11) Beginning to Tell Stories: Materials and Props to Enhance Storytelling;
(12) The Story of the Little Red House;
(13) Using Props/Where Can Storytelling Take Place? Where Do We Find Stories to Tell?; and
(14) Acknowledgment/References/Recommended Reading/Useful Websites/Contacts.

[This book represents the revised edition of Let's Tell Stories: Sharing Stories with Young Children (1996). This document was produced by Early Childhood Australia Inc., formerly known as the Australian Early Childhood Association.]

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