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Innovative Projects

The Good Earth Tellers A Unit on Environmental Storytelling by Mrs. Suzanne Seagraves

Keywords: elementary school, middle school


Storyteller Louise Omoto Kessel knows wild places and has worked to protect them.

Louise combines her love of the natural world and her experiences working as an environmental educator and activist, to create storytelling programs for outdoor settings, science curriculum, Earth Day celebrations, conferences, meetings, calls to action, and other awareness-raising events.

"Everyone agreed that the storytelling session was an inspiring way to end the Stream Watch Conference. You may have encouraged some "little parrots" to persist in their stream stewardship efforts, despite the many obstacles." NC Stream Watch Coordinator

Louise's programs include:

  • Earth day Celebrations, Conferences & other Special Events
  • Story Hikes
  • Camp Fire Programs

Click here to learn more.

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